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6' Artificial Silk Ficus Tree with 1,528 Leaves 2 Piece

6' Artificial Silk Ficus Tree with 1,528 Leaves 2 Piece

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Each order includes 2 Piece

This deluxe pre-potted 6' ficus tree has 1,528 life-like leaves making it fuller than those offered in the national chains.

Its braided twisted trunks lend a sense of added realism and its configuration mimics nature perfectly. Although it screams “I am not fake”…it is! Light, bendy, and made of durable polyester materials, these trees require very little attention. No watering, no clean-up -- simply wipe with a soft cloth to keep them fresh and to bring never-ending beauty to your home, office, or lobby décor. Made of durable polyester, these ficus trees require no maintenance whatsoever! Unlike a real tree, our faux trees need no water, sun, food, or clean-up. Simply dust every so often to keep them looking fresh and clean for years, and perhaps even decades, to come!

The artificial ficus tree comes with a black resin planter pot for a base, but you can use whatever you like! Simply transfer the planter's pot into any bucket, vase, or container. Just like that, you've customized your tree to your own personal aesthetic. It's instantaneously an improved product because you made it your own literally in seconds!

These trees are both light and bendy, so you can repeatedly move them around as you desire. Even at their tall height, these fake palms will fit almost any room or hallway in your house, adding warmth and invitation no matter where you place them! Your faux tree may ship compressed. Quick priming of its branches and leaves may be required to match the image shown. Good news: once that bit of work is done, your tree will be ready for placement wherever you see fit. Plus, if you wish to alter your tree's look, simply re-prim and manipulate the branches in any direction or shape your imagination sees fit!


Realistic artificial plant
Liven up any space at home or office
Made with the utmost quality in mind

Decorative pot is not included with the order. You will receive the item in a simple black resin pot. 99.9% of our customers repot the item.

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