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Artificial Silk Spider Plant 100 Fronds - 30" (2 Pieces)

Artificial Silk Spider Plant 100 Fronds - 30" (2 Pieces)

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Give your decor a facelift with this set of two Spider Plants. Each plant has with 60 fronds with variegated leaves and a 32" diameter. The lush arrangement is full of life-like, textured green and white leaves and "baby" shoots that cascade down the side. The intended purpose is to mimic the style of a natural plant, and as such, it features several styles of leaves spread out from a center stem.

Also offered in a smaller, 40" diameter size with 100 fronds.



No Watering Required! This artificial plant requires no watering, trimming, or pot replacing. You’ll never have to plant and seed and grow it or start fresh if it dies. All you need to do is dust every so often to maintain its natural look.


Larksilk Spider Foliage Plant for a Green Home! This bush will liven up a home, office, or room with a touch of green without having to worry about how to grow spider plants.


Full & Realistic Looking! Larksilk has created these faux plants with 60 branches for a full look.
Vibrant, variegateD Leaves! Rich multi-tones green branches look realistic and give your home a green thumb feel without the effort or skill. Small baby shoots capture the real look of a spider plant.

Decorative containers are sold separately.

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