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Artificial Pink Long Stem Rose - 20" (6 Pieces)

Artificial Pink Long Stem Rose - 20" (6 Pieces)

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Each order includes 6 Pieces

THESE LOOK REAL thanks to their finer materials and expert craftsmanship. These Premium Silk Roses are the very finest artificial flowers made. The detail is so exceptional she won't be able to tell the difference.

BIG 6" BLOOMS are larger than others and represent the pinnacle in rose production. These are worthy replicas that will look great and last for years of enjoyment. No watering or care is needed!

20" LONG STEMS and leaves. These are the proverbial long stem roses that have been the highest expression of affection for generations. These are perfect for Mother's Day, Birthday, Holidays, and any time roses will make her smile.

LOTS OF POPULAR COLORS including favorite white, red, lilac, pink, cream, light pink, pink, and apricot. Modeled closely after world-class prize-winning roses. These are exceptionally elegant and perfect for display with any decor or color scheme. Great for arts and crafts.

These flowers are perfect as a wedding decoration, centerpiece for a wedding table, or bridal bouquet. The flowers are ideal to be placed in a vase for a beautiful home and kitchen décor.

Mix and match from our elegant color options to create the perfect arrangement

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