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Timeless Beauty Meets Grandeur - 58" Boxwood Spiral Topiary for Majestic Outdoor Ambiance and Elegant Home Décor

Timeless Beauty Meets Grandeur - 58" Boxwood Spiral Topiary for Majestic Outdoor Ambiance and Elegant Home Décor

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Bring the outdoors inside with this beautiful spiral faux topiary boxwood! Not too big and not too small, this boxwood plant is an aesthetic fit for just about any part of your house.

Best of all, it could last forever! Being made of plastic, there is no need to water, maintain or prune your boxwood, so if you live somewhere that can't support live plants (or if you simply don't want the hassle), this is the boxwood for you!

The product may ship compressed, so a brief priming of the greenery may be required to match the image shown.

It's not a live plant, but better! Made of 100 percent plastic, you don't have to worry about watering it, feeding it, giving it sunlight, or protecting it from hungry housepets. You get all the beauty of a live topiary boxwood but don't have to do any work. With a life as busy as yours, who could ask for anything more?

Our artificial boxwood is the perfect size for any home. It stands 58 inches tall. It will fit in (and beautify) any room of your home. Add one of these spiralized beauties to your entryway or doorway, and your guests will feel welcome before you've even said hello and offered coffee or tea!

The lifelike topiary boxwood plant comes with its own basic black planter pot, but use whatever you like! If you want your boxwood in something more ornate, simply slip the planter's pot into your preferred container. Just like that, your boxwood becomes estate-worthy, seamlessly adding a gorgeous contribution to your home decor.

This boxwood doesn't look like a typical plant. Instead, the greenery takes on a fun, elongated spiral shape, like an ornate and twisting staircase in a classical mansion. If you want a synthetic plant that's equal parts fun, elegant, and classy, look no further!

UV and weather-resistant, due to its durable plastic nature. Harsh weather and extra sunlight won't affect your boxwood. It can handle anything!

Decorative pot is not included with the order. You will receive the item in a simple black resin pot. 99.9% of our customers repot the item.
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